mix & mash

Mix & Mash for schools

Mix & Mash is not currently running. However, there are lots of useful links, guides, and activities below for exploring digital literacy in the classroom.

We want stories from school students!

Mix & Mash gives students a chance to show off their creative work. By remixing Kiwi digital content into new forms of storytelling, New Zealand students have a chance to win some great prizes and have their work seen and shared.

You don’t need to use flash video and photo editors, or know everything about design and mashing up data. Your story could be a poem or short story, a comic, infographic or app. It might be fiction or non-fiction, still or moving image—it really is up to you. We want entries from students in all subject areas, including English, Media Studies, Design, Technology and Science. Scroll down for more about the great awards we have for school students.

Take a peek at a Mix & Mash entry by Year 7 Media Studies students at Havelock North Intermediate! Then come on through to see more Mix & Mash student stories.

Guides and activities

Mix & Mash is a great opportunity for students to learn some of the fundamental concepts of digital citizenship, including how to legally reuse creative works. The National Library and DigitalNZ have produced a guide to help you and your students enter the Mix and Mash competition.

Download the guide now:

The guide gives you information, activities and ideas to confidently and legally remix and reuse an extraordinarily rich store of Creative Commons and public domain material. It also gives an introduction to both copyright and the suite of Creative Commons licences, and outlines how students can apply CC licences to their own work. It will help your students to participate in the global remix community, while demonstrating both creativity and integrity.

Mix & Mash lesson plan

With the help of the Digital Literacy Project, Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ has put together this lesson plan on Copyright, Creative Commons and Mix & Mash.

Beginners guide to data mashups

Teachers and students interested in data mashups can get great advice and guidance from the Mix & Mash Newbies’ guide to mashing up data that was sponsored by the Charities Commission in 2011.