mix & mash

Beginners Guide to Data Mashups

Walk through creating your first data mashup

The development of this guide has been sponsored by the Charities Commission, is written by Tim McNamara and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution New Zealand 3.0 licence.


This guide gives you the ABC of creating a mashup. Have a read if you haven’t made one before, or want a refresher. By the bottom of the page you’ll have the confidence to:

  • open up a command line interface and begin tinkering, and
  • exploring more in-depth material.


Getting Started with an API

In this section, we look at what happens behind the scenes of a web browser. This includes getting to grips with lots of terminology related to

Charities Commission

Here, we spend time providing an overview of the API provided by the Charities Commission for its Register.

Let's Build

Applying the knowledge that we’ve gained for the benefit of tourists to New Zealand. We create an application, wanderlust that connects people with environmental charities and provides descriptions of the areas they’re visiting.


In collaboration with the MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association (MESA) we ran a workshop based on this guide. MESA kindly videoed the session. Enjoy!