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2011 winners

Congratulations to our 2011 winners

2011 winners by category

  • Supreme Mashup Winner Small

    Supreme Data Mashup

    "100 Companies", by Alex Gibson & Graham Jenson

    This mashup lets you interactively say "what if" to scenarios like doing more tourism, or doubling down on agriculture, or mining the conservation estate. It's a fantastic use of interactive technology and public data to make sense of a topical problem. Award sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Innovation


  • Creative Reuse Small

    Supreme Creative Remix

    "A Grand Mother", by Candy Elsmore

    Lawrence Lessig said this beautiful digital story was "Simple, clean, unbelievably compelling." This entry won over the judges with the engaging presentation style, and a story that deserves retelling to a modern audience. Award sponsored by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand


  • Outstanding Data Mashup Small

    Outstanding Data Mashup

    "Vinyl Lionel", by Gareth Bradley

    New Zealand On Air's cultural investment is made transparent with this clever, quirky app. You can explore the data, answer questions, and get a sense for the diversity of and return on NZOA's grants. Award sponsored by New Zealand Post


  • Newbie Small

    Newbie Mashup

    "Maori Dictionary for Android", by Marielle Lange

    It is lovely to see a mobile app built from CC-licensed Te Reo information, and that it came from someone new to public mashups was a double delight. Award sponsored by Orcon


  • Special Casey Carsel Small

    Lead Judges' Special Award - Casey Carsel

    "Manny's New Zealand Story and Keyboard of New Zealand", by Casey Carsel

    Lead Remix Judge Helen Baxter's special prize goes to Casey Carsel for the quality and range of her entries. Particularly Manny's New Zealand Story, an amusing montage of stories throughout New Zealand history using a mix of stop motion animation, and remixing or archive photos to create a whimsical and slightly surreal piece. Helen also liked her Keyboard of New Zealand which re-contextualises Kiwi imagery into modern montage of shots containing a puzzle of how the images correspond to individual keyboard keys. This would make a great poster. This award is sponsored by The Department of Conservation

  • Special Jessica Scheurich Small

    Lead Judges' Special Award - Jessica Scheurich

    "New Zealand Forestry Infographic", by Jessica Scheurich

    Lead Remix Judge Helen Baxter selected Jessica's entry for her special award because it is a well designed infographic drawing on New Zealand Forestry information from seven different data sets. This award is sponsored by The Department of Conservation


  • Special Rob Coup Small

    Lead Judges' Special Award - Rob Coup

    "TravelDash", by Rob Coup

    Data Mashup Lead Judge Nat Torkington's special award goes to TravelDash. Nat says, "There were many useful applications built around road and public transportation data. This one filters and presents information in a straightforward and directly useful way. Clear, simple, easy, accessible, and something I can see commuters using". This award is sponsored by The Department of Conservation


  • Special Tony Liu Small

    Lead Judges' Special Award - Tong Liu

    "Where were you at New Zealand sports scene in 2010? ", by Tong Liu

    Lead Mashup Judge Nat Torkington took a shine to this entry saying, "It's hard to make population data meaningful to an individual: numbers, and big numbers at that, are impersonal and daunting. This mashup did a terrific job of putting sports participation data into context for schoolkids. As one judge said, "a lot of thought has been put into taking the raw data and making it relevant to the target audience". It could do with some polish to the design, but the fundamental strength of making data meaningful shone through." This award is sponsored by the Department of Conservation


  • Open Government Small

    Open Government

    "Definer ", by Mohammad Abdullatif

    Definer's tag cloud really reveals different legislative emphasis and the definition tool is useful and informative. This was the application that all the judges liked. Category sponsored by Parliamentary Counsel Office


  • Environment Small


    "Land and Waste New Zealand", by Thong Kuah

    The Land and Waste New Zealand application combines several data sources in a useful way to compare regional performance. The regional comparisons are informative and the sparklines show trends in waste output really nicely. Judges also think it has potential to develop further. In the future they would like to see some comparative graphs, and also visual indicators of trend of landuse change. Category sponsored by Squiz


  • Sport Small

    Sport & Recreation

    "Wellington Sculptures: Walking tours of the public sculptures of Wellington ", by Squizlers & Friends

    Judges thought this entry encourages a nice combination of physical exercise and artistic appreciation, and is a great example of thinking creatively to get people out and active. They found it easy and intuitive to use and were impressed with the effort made to fill gaps, including taking new photos and writing new content. It would be interesting to see to how the idea could be applied further to sport and recreation and other geographic areas. Category sponsored by SPARC


  • Anything Goes Data Small

    Anything Goes Mashup

    "NZ People on Maps", by Nora Wang

    The use of questions to explore the census data make this mashup come alive: as Lawrence Lessig said, "it pulls you in and teaches as you play." Category Sponsored by Stuff


  • Digital Story Small

    Digital Story

    "New Zealand", by Rita Godlevskis

    “A New Zealand Aotearoa Story” by Rita Godlevskis combines images from the National Library of New Zealand Flickr Commons with her own photographs and some great New Zealand music. As judge Jem Yoshioka says, it gives "a glimpse into the personal experiences of a new immigrant arriving in an immigrant nation, highlighting the connection she feels to the people who came out here over 100 years ago." Category Sponsored by National Library of New Zealand


  • Infographic Winner


    "CPI-DaliPie", by Keith Ng

    Keith Ng's infographic presents data from the Consumer Price Index in an interactive, innovative way, creating an information rich environment that encourages exploration. Category sponsored by Statistics New Zealand


  • Literature Allan Xia Small

    Literature Remix

    "Crossed Cultures", by Allan Xia

    A unanimous winner, Allan Xia's "Crossed Cultures" remixed source images from Dylan Horrocks and poem by Renee Liang, with original illustrations creating a dynamic, new piece in a scrolling webcomic style. Category sponsored by New Zealand Post.


  • Literature Remix 2nd

    "The Mountain", by Hera Lindsay Bird

    A clever remix of Cheryl Bernstein and Lynn Jenner's works into what judge, Fergus Barrowman describes as a "terrific prose poem". This work drew our judges into reading it several times and seeing new things every time. Category sponsored by New Zealand Post.


  • Literature Remix 3rd

    "The Garden of O", by Bill Nelson

    This "very fine lyric poem" remixes several of the authors' works conjuring "up a new world from all the worlds created by the source texts" and intriguing the judges with its "perfect blend of mystery and exposure". Category sponsored by New Zealand Post.


  • Literature Remix 4th

    "Sharks", by Sarah Jane Barnett

    Judges said that this excellent lyric poem successfully "makes a new world out of the two worlds of the source texts". Category sponsored by New Zealand Post.


  • Literature Remix 5th

    "Here it comes", by Mariana Isara

    This great poem has cleverly remixed several sources that deal with displacement and disruption and "the worlds of the source texts are broken up and used to create a new world in which a culture of disruption is created". Category sponsored by New Zealand Post.


  • Photo Remix Small

    Photo Remix

    "Polaroid from uncertain times ", by Chang-Hsin Wang

    This photo remix resonated strongly with the judges, in its use of colour, composition and rich imagery. Category sponsored by DigitalNZ


  • Anything Goes Remix Small

    Anything Goes Remix

    "New Zealand's Great Walks", by My Tours (Natalie Ferguson, Oliver Clarke and Glen Barnes)

    New Zealand's Great Walks creatively re-uses a large range of open content sources to present cultural, environmental and tourism information in the field. As judge Anne Galloway states "Its ease of use, coupled with a substantial amount of useful information, supports informed tourism". Category Sponsored by Digital New Zealand


  • Student Amanda Tauber Small

    Student Prize - Amanda Tauber

    "How Maui Captured the Sun ", by Amanda Tauber

    Amanda's clever drawing and remix skills brought to life this important legend of Aotearoa. Amanda, who is in year Year 9 at Diocesan School For Girls, obviously put a huge effort into her entry and we love the vibrancy and colour. Nice work Amanda. Amanda wins an Ipod Touch sponsored by Digital New Zealand.


  • Student Casey Carsel Small

    Student Prize - Casey Carsel

    "Three great entries", by Casey Carsel

    Casey (Year 12, St. Margaret's College) sent in three sophisticated and beautifully designed entries that caught the attention of several judges, including Lead Judge Helen Baxter. Her research was meticulous and she worked so hard to ensure that all of the resources were correctly attributed. Really well done Casey! You win an Ipod Touch sponsored by Digital New Zealand

  • Student Luke Davia Small

    Student Prize - Luke Davia

    "Creative Perfection", by Luke Davia

    Luke (Year 11, Tawa College) developed an educational website teaching web design and coding with over 6MB of copyright-free, public domain, or Creative Commons content. A huge amount of work has gone into creating an incredibly valuable resource, with detailed attributions and permission for the curated content. One of our judges said they'd like to see this site hosted as a resource for Kiwi students and teachers. Nice work Luke! You win an Ipod Touch sponsored by Digital New Zealand


  • Student Marsden Small

    Student Prize - Marsden Collegiate

    "Loads of great entries ", by Marsden Collegiate Year 9 & 10 Digital Design Students

    Almost thirty Year 9 and 10 Digital Design students from Marsden Collegiate gave Mix and Mash a go. They entered outstanding remixed works and programmed some very cool Scratch games. We can tell they learned loads about copyright, licensing, attributing and referencing, so we think the whole class deserves a prize. A special thanks to teachers Natalya Mansell and Lesley Sampson for helping the students take on the Mix and Mash challenge. Your Digital Design class wins an e-book reader with a selection of digital design related e-books. This prize is sponsored by Digital New Zealand.

  • Student Otahuhu Small

    Student Prize - Otahuhu College

    "Otahuhu College's entries", by Paul, Robbie and Soverign from the Social Studies Enrichment Class at Otahuhu College

    Not only did the Paul, Robbie and Soverign (years 8 and 9 at Otahuhu College) complete some excellent remixes but they've got their school to Creative Commons license some of its own images for others to reuse. Now that's what Mix and Mash is all about! Special thanks to Miss Burt for taking up the Mix and Mash challenge with the students. The class wins an e-book reader with a selection of e-books sponsored by Digital New Zealand.


  • Student Point England Small

    Student Prize - Point England School

    "Gotta Share", by Helen King's Year 5 class at Point England School

    Helen King's year 5 class from Point England School are the youngest Mix and Mash entrants! We can tell they had so much fun making this video and we love that they emailed the artist to ask permission to remix his song and idea. This entry made judges laugh, clap, and tell us these kids have to win a prize! Your class wins an e-book reader with selection of e-books sponsored by Digital New Zealand.


  • Support for Canterbury Recovery

    Judges have chosen not to make an award in this category. LINZ and Mix and Mash are working on something special to support Canterbury recovery.