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2011 Entries

Thanks for all of the amazing 2011 entries!

Student Entries

With Mix & Mash's focus on New Zealand images, data, words, video and music, school students could compete for prizes by remixing Kiwi digital content into beautiful new works. Our Free to Remix educators guide provides great advice on how to get started mix and mashing, including support finding openly licensed New Zealand content and data. All student entries were considered in the main Mix and Mash categories and we also had a special prize pool to recognise the efforts of New Zealand students. Check out the winners!
  • "A Cable Car Journey From Past To Present", by Monica Summers

    This image is of the old Wellington Cable Car tracks combined with the current cable car. It is about combining the old and the new and stating the fact that the old needn't always be destroyed but can change or be adapted and that old things have their own beauty.


  • "A new Zealand picnic", by isabel grubi

    Feeling like a taste of a day out in the country of New Zealand? Well how about having a nice picnic under a puhutakawa tree and have a nice new zealand made burger with some New Zealand made L&p?


  • "A Tale of Three Cities", by Casey Carsel

    I'd like to leave the image up to the viewer's own interpretation, but I will say it's about the importance of buildings to the culture of our cities and how much it can mean, but compared with how much it should mean. I think a particularly interesting part of my image is how long it takes people to realize that there are three major landmarks within the same landscape that really really can't be seen like that. In this, it causes people to look at how they view things or how they don't really look.


  • "Anachronistical", by Nicole Ding

    I have put the old onto the new, and the new into the old. I decided to put a twist on the normal "half old half new picture'.


  • "Barack Obama and the All Blacks", by Ruoniso Mashingaidze

    It's Barack Obama supporting the All Blacks by wearing an All Blacks Jersey


  • "Buzzy Bee's Adventures", by Ella Macaskill

    This animation is about the famous kiwiana buzzy bee. The buzzy bee dying represents New Zealanders forgetting their kiwiana pride.

    https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BxrQORaogXqWMzk2MzJmYTctZjU4MC00OTNiLWF iZWMtMDlkZmE2NGY4MmIw&hl=en_US

  • "Cars from Past-Future", by Nicky Tock

    This is a picture of cars on the Desert Road in New Zealand. It is original becausen it is a classic kiwi thing.


  • "Creative Perfection", by Luke Davia

    This is a 33 page website based around web design & website creation and how it can be done, what colours can be used, what fonts look good, and even how coding works. This website has over 6MB of copyright-free, public domain, or creative commons content - and consists of nearly 7000 lines of hand typed code! Every page of the website validates against the W3C XHTML 1.0 STRICT standard perfectly, and it works in all common browsers and screen resolutions today. The jQuery animation scripts for this website were all hand written and tested personally, the content is also original, with only citations to other websites (listed in the Bibliography) section. Why is it awesome? Because I've spent weeks perfecting it to look absolutely perfect right down to the pixel level. :) "


  • "Cuba St Old and New", by Emma Fulbrook

    I found an old picture of cuba st and added some new elements to the photo


  • "Ewe-Boat. Protecting our waters. ", by Aimee Nobelen

    A Ribbing tribute of shear humour, drenched in mint sauce and docking at station near you. Mustering together a Kiwiana theme that has grazed many acres of cliche and sheepish laughter. I baa-lieve the ramifications of this image are purely mint. If you decide to give it the cut of the chop please expect a roasting :). Now that I have bleated I hope I'm not dropping this on ewe, its just a wooly request to be heard by ewe.


  • "Gotta Share", by Helen King

    We love the internet as a place to create and share our learning. Our movie is a fun way of demonstrating this. As a digital 1:1 classroom we found this idea really very fun to make. We are only 8 and 9 years old and loved researching, learning and directing this "flash mob". We hope one day to maybe participate in a real event like this.


  • "How Maui Captured the Sun", by Amanda Tauber

    Through Scratch (Free animation programming) I have created my own remix of the original Maori legend; "How Maui Captured the Sun". I have drawn and animated all the images freehand on the computer with the exception of one picture with no known copyright (link: eyeofthefish.org/hook-of-the-fish/) I think people will enjoy this video because it is a creative way of showing the legend. It is easy to understand meaning that people of all ages can enjoy this.


  • "How we are destroying our Country and Planet. ", by Amanda Hall & Yashina Vallabh

    Our names are Yashina Vallabh and Amanda Hall and we have created an Environmental Data Mash-up. Our Mash-up consists of local and national statistics and facts from the New Zealand Government. We chose to enter the Environmental category because we found the topic of New Zealand’s surroundings very interesting and factual. New Zealand is filled with flora and fauna and historic landscapes that create our rich culture. Due to this, we as humans need to be aware of the damage that we are contributing to destroying the environment and its inhabitants. Our info graphic was made was made raise awareness.


  • "In Touch With Your Kiwi Side", by Anna de Boer

    A truly "kiwi" kiwi. But of course no kiwi would be complete without the sunnys, tui beer and gumboot combonation. This piece of work is made up of many different New Zealand images, everything from the beautiful NZ landscape to the iconic Buzzy bee. It represents everything that people think of when they hear "kiwi or New zealand".


  • "Keep it Safe!", by Melanie Cresswell, Becky Dent and Hannah Clayton

    Our entry is special and original because the data we gained was from a government website, we used the radio ads they had released into New Zealand to advocate safe driving and to inform all drivers within New Zealand of any new laws that have been put in place in New Zealand. We also have added in facts at the changing of each level to further the amount of information in our game so that we can ensure that the maximum amount of awareness is given when people play our game 'Keep it Safe!' Also our game was well thought out, we each sat down and spoke about what we wanted this game to contain and worked together to bring it to life, we would take turns testing the game and bringing up anything that we thought could be improved and complimented each other on what was well done. This resulted in our game, we are each exceedingly proud of what we have done in terms of quality and originality, we hope that you will also see how hard and how dedicated we were to creating a game that we were proud of and felt was a true representation of the amount of care we have put in to this game. Our game is useful because it is a brilliant way to inform the younger members of our New Zealand society about safe driving. Our facts added speak about the dangers of drinking and driving and also the negative effects of drugs while driving, this will keep the youth of today in the loop of what is the dangers of partaking in drugs/drinking and getting behind the wheel or on the road. Altogether we feel that our game is a smart way to inform the youth of today about safe driving in a fun and friendly way, with this original and well made game. And remember 'keep it safe!'


  • "Kiwi As ", by N Gibson

    This project combines two things frequently related to the New Zealand culture. The jandal represents the fun, active daily life of New Zealanders; whilst the various pictures of kiwifruits represent the mix of people and ideas in this countryand the beautiful, fresh colours here. They also represent the different angles and opinions we are all able to share freely. I wanted to show people the beauty, mix and fun of our culture in a fresh, funny and exciting way.


  • "Kiwi Technz ", by Olivia Singleton

    Black Background: NZ symbolic colour eg. all blacks and silver ferns Apple [Company] logo: NZ's tech involvement NZ Flag: NZ... obviously The NZ flag shines through the hole where the apple is cut out so it is a bitten apple with the flag on it. I positioned the Kiwi so that it looks like it is eating the apple NOM NOM NOM


  • "Manny's New Zealand Story", by Casey Carsel

    I made a stop motion animation with a mannequin as the protagonist as the basis of my digital New Zealand story. The character goes through various events of his life relating to New Zealand. From when he fished up New Zealand (people used to pronounce Manny as Maui according to the story) to when he ran through town after the February Christchurch earthquake. Although this idea has probably been done before, I thought it would be fitting for the situation as that way the viewer, as a New Zealander, would find it easier to put themselves into the situation. I think I used New Zealand digital content well in not only the conventional picture usage, but in making Manny's room have content and through the video usage, especially in getting all the special allowances to use specific pieces of film. The room was also created specifically for the film and not only did I get all the permissions for both film, music, and pictures, I also created some of my own and used good ol' Kiwi ingenuity to get me through any difficulties. While completing the challenge, I had fun and think (well, hope) I made it original even within the task idea. I think the viewer would want to spend time with this entry because as it teaches you things, it also jokes and in using an unusual medium it will keep the readers attention for longer than just a slideshow or just a video. In spending so much time with this entry (enough to think of the mannequin as a person more than jokingly) I have gained a passion for this, and I think that passion communicates to the viewer too. It was difficult keeping everything in perspective when timing the subtitles, but I did my best to have the highest quality of every aspect possible for a student film. Overall this entry is so gosh darn awesome because it is so gosh darn different, so gosh darn fun, and so gosh darn information into things about New Zealand that people would not necessarily know.


  • "Maori Mona Lisa", by Danielle Lath

    my is special because it is mixing two cultures, Italian and Maori. it is also cool because the mona lisa is very well known and adding moku to her changes her persona.


  • "Mercedes 400 new and old", by Soverign Larkins

    This image shows the difference between the new and old. It shows side by side how old has changed into the new. Cars are a good way to show change over time, and how technology has become better.


  • "New Zealand animal food chain", by Bridget Kiddle and Emily Schwer

    We took the educational road to creating our game so that we could teach people what animals are native to New Zealand, we also included some pests to the animal list to make it easier for the player to create the food chain. It also teaches the player the order of the native food chain in New Zealand and how vulnerable New Zealand’s native species are to introduced pests like the possum and the rat. We decided to use the government site http://www.doc.govt.nz/ to get the information of what animal eats what. We also used this site to collect the pictures of the different animals. This game is a food chain using native New Zealand species. The player has to move the animals into the right gap in the food chain to complete the levels to win. our game can be used as a teaching tool for young school students as an introduction to getting familiar to New Zealands amazing wildlife.


  • "New Zealand Birds ", by Holly Miller

    My work is original because there are special trees that are very origional and the birds are special to new Zeanland beacuse they are our native birds


  • "New Zealand through TVs ", by Bridget Young

    You should chose this entry because it shows New Zealand icons through old and new TV's. It has a combination of New Zealand icons.


  • "Past and present pupils ", by Robbie Foggin

    This picture shows a mixture of students at Otahuhu College from last century and the current one. It shows the change in uniform, ethnicity and gender. I think it is cool because it shows the past and the present people of our school. It is also cool because the main building is still here to this day.


  • "Past, Present and Future, Wellington Harbour", by Maggie Burns

    This entry is special because it is of Wellington Harbour in the past, present and future. The pictures are taken from Mt Victoria. I have added a rocket ship into the photo to show what i think Wellington will look like in the future.


  • "Reduce Your Carbon Footprint", by Georgina Price

    My new game is very informative to the user because they learn and experience what specific things do to the New Zealand environment. It is just so gosh darn awesome because it is orginal and teaches people the imortance of 'reducing your carbon footprint'.


  • "Sunrise ", by Maddy Hayward

    My entry is special because the photo shows a beautiful, natural New Zealand sunrise. I think our sunrises are the best out of all the world!


  • "Survive the Dive", by Annabelle Blue, Emily Janus, Olivia Parker

    Survive the Dive is all about a diver swimming in the ocean. The aim of the game is to collect plastic bags to save the environment and oxygen bottles so you don't run out of air. Also, you need to avoid touching the sea creatures because they will decrease your points. This game is awesome because it showcases some special New Zealand sea creatures and gives you some information about why they are unique. This game is challenging, interactive and fun for all ages.


  • "Teen Trends ", by Gaenor Gibbs-Harris

    My entry is gosh darn awesome because I created an image comparing and contrasting the difference in trends throughout the decades. It is also cool because I modelled all of the clothing (which I found inside my house).


  • "The Adventures of Kevin the Kiwi", by Shalini Rajasegar,Emily Mckane, Fiona Cameron

    We have decided that the game we are doing ' The Adventures of the Kevin the kiwi' because the kiwi is endangered and is the national bird of New Zealand. We think our game is fun and special as at the beginning there is a movie to watch and learn about kiwis and then you play three levels of living a kiwis life. This is just like any other fun game of action and fun but here you just learn something about New Zealand and how beautiful its biodiversity is.


  • "The Keyboard of New Zealand ", by Casey Carsel

    My keyboard is an amalgamation of what makes New Zealand New Zealand. It uses a mixture of New Zealand and international images from a range of sites that are under both complete public domain and restricted Creative Commons licenses. The keys that are alphabet letters have pictures that correspond to the letter, however I won't say specifically what they stand for or why I've included them, because that would ruin the magic. This entry is so gosh darn awesome because people will be able to stare at it for a long time and still find new meaning from every key. I also want to influence viewers to question of themselves what they think makes New Zealand New Zealand. I have also put it on DeviantArt to show both the national and international community what New Zealand is all about. By using the keyboard, I wanted to mix modern life and the past and show that our past is still present in everyday life. I also wanted to show the significance of our culture as a whole; if even one key is missing, it become difficult to communicate. In the same way, if part of our culture is missing, we will no longer be what we are today. There is also the combinations of these different keys that I am using to make words even now. In the same way, different combinations of understanding of New Zealand culture can lead to different understanding of selves. On the surface, putting New Zealand culture to key is only aesthetic, but so many meanings and views of life can come out of it when further explored.


  • "The Last Pavlova ", by Shwetha Wevita

    This is a comical entry representation of the corruption of our Government (if it were ever to corrupt). In my opinion, if the government did end in corruption, as ‘kiwi's’ at least we could go down in style (thus the tui beers, pavlova's, kiwifruits and L&P's - also note the view of the Beehive through the window!) Some of the characters (e.g. Judas) were chosen specifically to represent that character due to their personality in the views of the public. I’m pretty sure no-one has looked at the last supper in this aspect before, and certainly not in the eyes of a thirteen yr old (who is just getting the gist of politics). It is certainly unexpected (from what I’ve heard from my peers) and the comical sense in it is quite appealing. I chose the last supper because of how opportunistic it is and the fact that so many remixed the Mona Lisa, but not this piece of da Vinci’s intrigued me. If no-one else had done it, its obviously a challenge! I do hope that it won’t be considered offensive, but merely the political banter of a naïve year 9 girl.


  • "The Statue of Liberty Nz Style ", by Monica Skinner

    The Statue of Liberty Nz style is a mash-up between New Zealand culture and and American Culture. I put the certain images in this picture because I thought that they best represented New Zealand well.


  • "Together under the same banner ", by Paul Uatisone

    This entry shows the 2011 Haka Waiata competition at Otahuhu College, together with the jubilee banner which was put up to celebrate the 1956 anniversary of our school. The mixed photo shows the a mixture of the old ways of our school with the new ways.


  • "Toys from Different Eras ", by Emma Carruthers

    My entry is about toys from different eras. I used images of an antique doll, a New Zealand Buzzy Bee and an iDog. I blurred where the toys touch to show that the eras overlap e.g. the buzzy bee is old but is still available now. The overall effect is that of a strange creature that could be from the past or the present.


  • "wellington harbour with Kiwiana ", by Ruth Trow

    My entry combines the wellington harbour with Kiwiana all in one still image